Pool and spa in Adelaide


Sometimes, the journey is as important as the destination. You want a smooth transtion from A to B, without any delays.

At 360 pools, our endeavour is to provide a seamless transition from backyard space to pool environment.

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The Process

  • We charge $495 for an initial consultation because, in many ways, it forms the basis of what will be created. We listen to your ideas, share our experience, make suggestions, identify potential encumbrances and even draw basic layouts.
  • Design and Engineering – Through consultation, we provide detailed drawings of your pool environment for your approval. We also make sure your pool is expertly engineered.
  • Council Approval – We submit, on your behalf, all the required documentation to your local council. We have an excellent track record of fast approvals.
  • Construction – This is the messy, noisy part of the process. But it’s also an exciting part of the process, where your design becomes reality.
  • Once the pool, coping and bordering are completed, your fence will be installed and landscaping (if required) will begin. Not long now.
  • As soon the pool is safety compliant, it will be cleaned and filled with water, ready for that first splash.

If you would like to know how we can help create a beautiful pool environment in your home, please CONTACT US.