Checklist When Getting Your Own Swimming Pool

Checklist When Getting Your Own Swimming Pool

1. Cost – never get skimpy when it comes to swimming pools. Having one installed may be expensive, but maintaining one can get even more. Using cheaper materials may seem good at first considering the money you get to save, but in the long run, when cracks, leaks, and other damages start to appear, you will end up spending more than what you had saved on repairs and maintenance.

2. Regulations – you will want the approval of your local council before getting a pool installed. You never know, you could already be digging up a major underground pipeline among other things.

3. Safety – having your own pool may be fun, but it can be dangerous too, especially for children. Unsupervised kids might wander off and accidentally fall into the pool without you even noticing. Consider some legal requirements too because in some places, there are laws that require the use of child safety barriers on swimming pools.

4. Builder – you will need to find a reliable pool builder, one that will not rip you off.

5. Type of Swimming Pool – there are two types of swimming pools: in-ground and above-ground swimming pools. Above ground pools are generally cheaper, easier to install and remove, and are smaller, but are not as beautiful and stable as in-ground pools. Choose the one that you can afford to have.

6. Size of the Pool – this will be directly affected by the area in which the pool is to be placed on. Naturally, a smaller space will allow for a smaller pool and a larger area for a larger pool.

7. Maintenance – maintaining a swimming is a commitment. The type of maintenance work for the pool will also vary depending on the season, with winter probably being the one that will require the most work.

The three other seasons pretty much are the same in terms of maintaining the pool. Winter on the other hand even has its own winterizing kit. The winterizing kit contains a special set of tools and equipment needed for maintaining a swimming pool during winter. Be sure you are prepared for that kind of commitment for if not, you will have just wasted the money you spend for installing the pool.