4 Handy Tips to Keep Your Pool and Spa Water Sparkling Clean

4 Handy Tips to Keep Your Pool and Spa Water Sparkling Clean

It is always tempting to have a whale of a time in the sparkling clean waters of your pool and/or spa. For this, you will always want to keep the waters of your pool or spa clean and to achieve this you have to use the right chemicals and the perfect methods. However, apart from using the right chemicals there are various tips and tricks that you can apply to keep your pool and spa in Adelaide spotless.

In this blog, you will get an idea about some of the handy hacks to keep your pool and/or spa water sparkling clean.

Benefits of Maintaining Your Pool and Spa Water
Periodical pool and spa maintenance can be extremely beneficial to enhance their longevity. With the help of regular maintenance, you can identify and deal with issues before it escalates into a bigger problem. This is the reason why you should carry out routine cleaning and maintenance of your pool and spa in Adelaide.

Here are a few reasons which makes cleaning and maintenance an important task for every pool and/or spa owner:
 Enhance the longevity and quality of your pool and/or spa.
 Ensure the safety of you and your family around the pool or spa area.
 Reduce the risk of various health problems or skin irritations.
 Save money by negating the risk of costly repairs by identifying the problem beforehand.

Keep Your Pool and Spa Water Clean With These Top Tips
The importance of regular pool and spa maintenance is often undermined by people, but if you want to enjoy clear, safe, and beautiful water you need to follow these handy tips and tricks.

Absorb Grime with the Help of Tennis Balls
Have you ever wondered that tennis balls can effectively clean your spa and pool water? If you add tennis balls in your pool water or to your spa’s skimmer, you can eliminate the residue and oils created by users’ lotions, cosmetics, and body washes.

The fuzzy material of the tennis balls suck in the grime, keeping your water clean and safe for use. You should change the tennis balls on a periodic basis to keep your pool and spa water spotless.

Ensure Good Water Flow With the Use of Vinegar
Hard water can often lead to calcium build-up in your spa’s jets. If the calcium deposits are not cleaned then your spa jets will become immobile and finally cease to work. In such cases, you can use white vinegar to good effect. It is not only a cost-effective fix, but it can also get rid of calcium formation in an efficient manner.
The acidic character of the vinegar breaks through the calcium and removes it from the jets. However, you should regularly check the alkalinity and pH levels of your pool and spa’s water before adding the chemicals as and when required.

Use Stockings
You can use stockings to effectively clean dirt from your pool and spa water. These are perfect nets which can keep out dirt from the lower return inlets. The thin and almost transparent fabric can fully cover and protect the return inlets from dust and dirt at the time of changing the water of your pool and/or spa. This hack can be a big plus for your pool and spa in Adelaide, as more dust and dirt you can keep out of your pool or spa’s filter system the cleaner the water will be for you to enjoy.

Wear Swimming Caps
Wearing a swimming cap is one of the common things you can carry out to keep your pool and spa water clean. It will prevent hair from falling in the water making it dirty. Use of caps will make sure you save time and money on cleaning your spa and pool water in the future.
Keeping these practical and handy suggestions in mind, you can enjoy clean, safe, and sparkling water in your pool and spa in Adelaide.