3 Amazing Reasons to Hire a Designer Concrete Pool Specialist

3 Amazing Reasons to Hire a Designer Concrete Pool Specialist

There is a myth among home owners with an unusually or narrowly shaped backyard that they cannot have a customised pool to suit their life style. Or some have even accepted that they cannot have a pool at all. This is absolutely wrong and you can have a pool just the way you want it regardless of its shape, size provided you are with the right type of pool contractor. In this article, we would talk about why you should hire the right type of designer concrete pool and spa contractor in Adelaide.

When it comes to limited space, it is always recommended that you find a local contractor specialising in custom pool design and construction. Even creating a pool with an ordinary look and feel presents challenges. Without the right professionals, things will take a turn for the worse and you will get an outcome that will not be satisfactory but will waste your money and time. This is just one reason, here are some more intriguing facts given below:

They take on One Project at a Time

A professional custom pool creator does not settle for a cookie-cutter design and neither do they offer clients with a readymade pool shell. They will carefully listen to you and understand your needs before taking steps to plan and construct a pool that is true to your lifestyle, needs, and the size of your yard. They will never view any two jobs as alike.

They Know and Work with the Right Materials to Get the Job Done

Concrete is the most convenient and flexible material that can be used to create a pool as concrete can be moulded into any shape imaginable. Top-notch designer concrete pools contractor in Adelaide prefers working with concrete rather than other materials too simply for these reasons. In addition to the flexibility, concrete helps overcome the space constraints that your land provides for superior strength and durability. The final outcome is a pool that is crafted to last long and fit the landscape at hand.

They Maintain Open Communication with the Clients from First to Last

When a pool contractor is normally hired to construct a pool, communication is imperative to a successful implementation of the end result. The right contractors will insist upon a long and thorough consultation process. They would try to understand everything about you, every little detail, wants and needs and will be available to answer all your queries prompt and satisfactorily. It is the information that will allow them to craft you a pool that suits your needs and wants. During the creation process, they will also open up about all the hassles they might go through and compromises they would have to make to give you a pool that you have envisioned.

The geography of your place will provide plenty of obstacles that a professional designer concrete pool and spa builder in Adelaide will need to overcome to deliver you with a quality result. With the help of an experienced and qualified professional a customised result could be achieved.

3 Wonderful Benefits of a Designer Concrete Pools

Thanks to modern technology, the construction process has moved ahead light years from where it was in ancient times. Commercial buildings, homes, roads and other major undertakings have all been transformed thanks to advances in the field of construction. One type of design, however, that has its roots in the past and has required very little updating at all is the concrete pool. Credited to the architectural and engineering marvels of this civilisation of antiquity, concrete pools have stood the test of time simply because of their superior strength, beauty and flexibility.

With so many options available today in the pool industry, it can be hard to make the choice to go with a basic construction format that has undergone very little structural change since antiquity. This endurance, however, is precisely why concrete should be the building material of choice when a pool purchase is on tap and a unique, durable design is desired.
The benefits of constructing pools from concrete materials over more modernised materials are numerous. They include:

Design Flexibility
As strong and enduring as concrete happens to be, this building material has long been noted for its extreme flexibility for design. When concrete is the material of choice, a custom pool builder can truly show off artistic ability? Pools made of concrete can be crafted for just about any location imaginable. The shaping of concrete pools will allow for unique, customised design features, such as unusual edges, disappearing edges, islands, split levels and more. When concrete is used in pool construction, design limitations are few. Whereas many other pool construction materials provide cookie cutter shells, concrete pool owners are free to use their imaginations to create one-of-a-kind designs.

As fluid as concrete can be as a pool building material, this particular substance is known for its enduring strength. When pools are formed, they are shored up using wood and steel. The framework is hidden underneath the concrete as the pool is formed. Once the concrete dries into place, the framework will not be seen, but the owner will know it’s there, providing durability and strength to the design. The end result is a beautifully shaped pool that will withstand the test of time. While the designer concrete pool construction process will take more time as a result of its complexity, the finished product can be one that is truly a custom designed work of art that is meant to last a lifetime and beyond.

Pools made of concrete offer buyers the ability to enjoy just about any surface finish they desire. Concrete can be finished with pebbles, mosaic glass, vinyl tiles, ceramic tiles, paint and a host of other materials. Although the pool structure underneath will be made of strong, enduring concrete, the outer surface can take on just about any look imaginable.

Making the choice to go with a pool builder in Adelaide over other options might seem antiquated, but this construction material has stood the test of time for good reasons. When it comes to strength, beauty and flexibility in pool design, concrete pools stand out as the superior choice.

Wonderful Swimming Pool Design Ideas to Transform Your Backyard Into a Fun Place

Pool is an integral part of your recreational activities. You can relax, have fun and enjoy by the pool side sipping a cocktail and lying on your patio pool chaise lounge chair. Swimming is also an effective form of exercise to build endurance. Some say, swimming woks every inch of your muscles making you fitter and stronger at low impact. Athletes even use swimming activities to keep themselves fit as well as calm.

Nevertheless, if you are planning to construct your own pool, make sure you conduct thorough research to narrow down your swimming pool design choice to the suitable ones that fits your lifestyle and property range. In the following section, we will go though some attractive pool design ideas that you can implement to make your backyard lively and enjoyable.

Are You Having A Pool for Fun or Luxury?
A pool should be designed based on your particular needs. If the sole reason for you to have a swimming pool is to enjoy the heck out with your friends and family during the summer, in your backyard, then a simple pool should be enough to suffice. A pool depth of as low as 4 feet will be sufficient enough for your family members to splash around and swim occasional laps. The pricing would be quite modest and with the addition of some basic important technological features, your pool would be good to go.

However, if you are one of those owners who want to build a luxurious pool, with advanced features such as water cooling or heating technology during extreme weather and other motives such as throwing corporate parties, focusing on aesthetic appeal and other luxurious necessities that are not mandatory but effective; then you can opt for concrete pools that are as deep as approximately 8 metres in length and 1.9 metre in depth or less depending on the size of your property, budget and your personal needs.

Budget and Large Pools for Exercise
If you are one of those sporty type who prefer an exercise friendly swimming pool, then it is important to give the pool dimensions a serious consideration before constructing it. If you are planning to use the pool for regular exercising, particularly lap swimming, then have it at least 25 feet long and 3.5 feet deep. The typical length should range between 25 – 40 feet. If you have a small space, you can even add lap pools that are quite narrow and will fit in a small space perfectly.

On the other hand, if you have a constrained budget and is looking for a smaller solution then go for a swim spa. It is a small pool that is usually 10-12 feet in length. The benefit of such pool is that it can generate strong current to swim against. Such pools are great for building your endurance. Overall both can be a viable option, it all depends on your needs and affordability.

Develop the Perfect Pool Party Ambience for Your Guest!
If you like to host pool parties quite often or have a plan to do so in the near future then try to put your focus on landscaping and pool designs. You may add a patio or a deck, a pool house, outdoor bar, gazebo or furniture. Moreover, you might have your pool designed to suit the look and feel accordingly, focusing on the style and not just its functionality. Do not forget to keep the connected equipment hidden to prevent your pool from losing the extra layer of appeal.

4 Things to Consider When Designing a Pool and Spa for Your Adelaide Home

If you are planning on getting a pool you might as well consider some pool area landscaping ideas. A well-finished landscaping can turn an ordinary pool into a luxurious and appealing pool and spa in Adelaide, Hawthorn, Springfield and Erindale. When landscaping a pool, you have several things to consider. Aside from making sure the landscape is beautiful, you need to think about safety and privacy concerns as well as the comfort of your guests.

Add Plants to Make Your Pool and Spa More Presentable
Plants plays a vital role in transforming your pool area landscaping into a beautiful one. They serve as the main decoration around the pool. They soften the concrete surfaces of the pool creating that nature-like feel. Plants can also help your concrete pools to blend with a natural environment that can be very relaxing and calming. However, you should also consider the type of plants to use. Some plants are high maintenance, which needs frequent trimming. Additionally, you can also paint the pool surrounding with vibrant colors to bring life to hard surfaces. A colorful painting of nature and animals on the wall can be a very good example of this.

It is Important to Keep the Concrete Pools Safe and Sound
Safety is also a very important thing to consider and proper pool area landscaping can help you obtain it. Patios and decks do not only provide beauty but also safety in the pool area. When climbing out of the pool, the area can be very slippery. You can create decks and patios using concrete pavers like bricks and stones that are slip-resistant. However, regular cleaning is necessary to remove moss that will make the surface slippery. Adding a pool fence is also another way to ensure safety in your pool and spa area.

You Should Not Ignore Your Privacy Needs
When planning your pool area landscaping, you also need to think about privacy so you, your family and your guests can be completely comfortable. In order to maintain complete privacy, you can add trees or tall plants around your pool area. However, you need to choose the right trees or plants to install. In addition to that, you can place oversized umbrellas and cottages around your pool zone, to act as a shelter from the sun. Building a tall fence can also give privacy and security.

Improve Your Pool and Spa with Gazebo
It is also useful to have a pool side gazebo where you can entertain friends and visitors while they are not swimming. They can also change clothes and relax under the shade of a closed gazebo. Having outdoor furniture is also necessary to make your guests comfortable.

The pool area landscaping ideas mentioned above are just some that can be used to have your concrete pools in Adelaide, Hawthorn, Springfield and Erindale that your friends and neighbors will envy. For assistance in getting started or in implementing these ideas, it is best that you seek assistance from a professional landscaper.